Animated GIFs

Earlier this month, bccmee shared a series of tutorials on how to construct animated GIFs .  I followed along, and frankly, I went a bit nuts.  lol  So far, I have made more than 15 GIFs.  Today, I thought I would share my first three creations.

My first one features my fave Richard Armitage character,  John Standring.   JS is such a sweetie!  This clip is from the third episode of Sparkhouse  –  the scene in which John tells Andrew he needs to go back where he came from, and Andrew refuses:

My second attempt stars Sir Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood series 1, episode 9).   Guy is standing in front of a cave harboring barrels of gunpowder, and Robin has just released a flaming arrow:

My third gif is of Lucas North / John Bateman from Spooks series 9.  In episode 7, Lucas confesses to Harry Pearce that he is not the real Lucas North:

Many thanks to bccmee for creating the tutorials!  I encourage everyone to give them a try; they are very easy to follow and making GIFs is *so* much fun!!  😀

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14 Responses to Animated GIFs

  1. jasrangoon says:

    These are lovely! I really like the captions, especially on the Guy and Lucas gifs.

  2. April says:

    Great job ItsJSforme ! I love your gifs ! 🙂

  3. bccmee says:

    My favorite is the Guy gif. Action-packed!

    • itsjsforme says:

      I don’t know that I could pick a favorite. I love the JS one – not because it is all that great, but it was my first. 🙂 With Guy, I was sure I was biting off more than I could chew, but I was tickled that it turned out as well as it did. And with LN/JB….I love the hand movement (swoon) !! 😀

  4. servetus says:

    I feel like this is the best kind of creativity, when the need to experiment just races out of you. Such a rush. I can tell from the results that you were energized!

  5. fitzg says:

    They are terrific! I love the one of Guy. Great work!

  6. alfie says:

    Fantastic work – they are all great.

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