I thought I’d share a few more animated GIFs today.  Making these things sure is a ton of fun!

I absolutely cannot wait to see The Hobbit on the big screen!  It’s been one of my favorite books since I was a child.  The LOTR trilogy gets a fair amount of screen time in this house, and I’ve no doubt that The Hobbit will as well (omg…how long am I going to have to wait for the first DVD???)  Yeah, I’m pretty geeked about the whole thing.  Having Richard Armitage playing the part of Thorin Oakenshield?  Icing on the cake!!  😀

I love the thought of RA playing the leader of the dwarves.  Seeing him in Peter Jackson’s 3rd video blog was a terrific thrill.  So, I turned it into an animated gif:

Speaking of Hobbit related thrills, I received one earlier this evening when I spotted a link on Facebook announcing the Hobbit trailer would be making its worldwide premiere on December 20th.

Tuesday cannot get here soon enough for me!!

Back to the gifs…I could not resist making a gif for Paul Andrews from Between The Sheets.  Poor man seems to be catching a cold.  Maybe he should learn to keep his clothes on!  😀

Personally, I have a “thing” for The Beard.  Others prefer RA with a bit of stubble.  And then, there are others who are fond the clean-shaven look.  I found a scene with Percy Courtenay from Miss Marie Lloyd guaranteed to make someone happy!

That’s all I’ve got for today.  If the gifs seem to run really fast for you, try viewing them with a different browser.  I’ve noticed that they run at different speeds depending the browser used.  Thanks for visiting!

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8 Responses to GIFs, GIFs, GIFs!

  1. bccmee says:

    It’s snowing animated gifs! You have a real knack at finding appropriate scenes and captions for your little mini-movies, LOL!

  2. jasrangoon says:

    These are lovely! You took the words out of my mouth about how I feel about The Hobbit and Richard Armitage’s involvement…icing on the cake indeed! 🙂 I’m with you on the beard as well, but the Percy Courtenay gif is wonderful, and definitely perfect for those who like RA with a smooth face. 😉

  3. alfie says:

    Once again FAB gifs – Really adoore the one with “Hear me Roar” 🙂

    Yes -cant wait to the 20th either – an exiting day:-)

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  5. Hi Itsjsforme,
    You’ve done a great job creating all the gifs. You are Bccmee’s best pupil. I’m still 64 bit deprived, but looking at a new laptop maybe in the spring.
    And your caption for Paul Andrews in BTS is priceless! Sneezing, indeed. Ha!
    Finally, I love your blog’s header! Great job with that. I changed my header for the holidays and now have to ponder what I might do for 2012 for my header. I have 7 days to figure it out. Ha!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday and a very Happy New Year! Grati ;->

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