New Year’s Eve with the boys

Happy New Year everyone!!  Thank goodness 2011 is over, and we can start anew.  New Year’s Eve was rather quiet around here; it has been a crazy weekend.  The boys had fun – Lil Guy and Lil Lucas decided that since Lil JS was stuck in the hospital awaiting the last of his plastic surgeries, they would bring him some holiday cheer!!

How they managed to keep it from spilling, I will never know!  My sixteen year old daughter did some scolding…she said if JS was in the midst of a series of surgeries, the last thing he should be doing is drinking vodka!!  And what is he doing out of bed, anyway???  Oh, the wisdom of teenagers!   The boys seemed suitably chastened, but as soon as she left the room, they finished off their drinks.  They paid for it though; the next morning they were begging me for a hangover remedy!   lol

Best wishes for all in this new year!   😀

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14 Responses to New Year’s Eve with the boys

  1. servetus says:

    This is delightful. Oh, the jokes. For instance, JS’s hospital gown looks a lot like the white kimono Luke Skywalker often wears … time for an Armitage / Star Wars crossover?

    I’m amazed they managed that, too. Looks like they could have dived into that shot glass. Happy New Year!

    • itsjsforme says:

      Lmao JS wanted something to cover up his body since his transformation is not yet complete. I guess it does look like something out of Star Wars! 😀 As for the crossover…that’s a bit beyond me, I’m afraid. I will leave it for those with talent. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  2. phylly3 says:

    Such fun! Love it! JS looks rather sad – just as if he was regretting not be able to partake in the celebrations.

    • itsjsforme says:

      JS is a bit shy. 🙂 Guy is bossy, and wouldn’t let JS help pour. Lucas did not care…as long as he got his share of vodka! In spite of my daughter’s admonishments, JS did partake in the celebrations. All three of the boys woke up with sore heads. lol

  3. judiang says:

    Happy New Year, hon!

  4. UK Expat says:

    What a teaser of JS!!! You do realize you are effectively working yourself into a second banner of all the Lil’ Guys to follow your existing Banner, right? 😉 Well, at least that hospital gown will get much re-use with all the brethren Lil’ Guys yet to be born!

    • itsjsforme says:

      You wanted to see JS, no? 😀 A lil chaRActers banner did cross my mind, but that will be something for the wayyy distant future. I have to get the dolls done first! I’m hoping that hospital gown gets a lot of use. 🙂

  5. bccmee says:

    Those little guys are trouble! They are mighty strong too, to be able to hold their liquor.

  6. Love the “Guy” tenders, ItsJSforMe,
    I don’t drink, but how are they with hauling away the recycling? Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

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