I am Free!!!!

At long last, the semester is over!  I thought this day was never gonna get here!!!!!!!

Sir Guy of Gisborne roars in exultation after unceremoniously dumping Robin Hood over the edge of the cliff. (Robin Hood, Series 3 Episode 1 – my cap)

I feel so much better!!!  Final papers have been turned in and final exams are done.    Now, hopefully, my anxiety levels will sink to something manageable and I will have a lovely summer break (fingers crossed).  Don’t get me wrong; I love being back in school and, for me, learning new things is as important as breathing!  But…3 to 4 months into the semester, I get soooo stressed out and I turn into a regular basket-case.  It’s not a pretty sight.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, there is a wonderful breeze, and I am FREE!!!!!!  Hmm.  I have a list of projects as long as my arm…where should I start?  I know – I’ll start a *new* project!  New is always good, right?   😀

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16 Responses to I am Free!!!!

  1. bccmee says:

    Yes, new is good, old friend. 😉

  2. cdoart says:

    What a fitting image for your freedom ;o) Have a great time!

  3. Snicker's Mom says:

    YAY!!!! So glad that you’re done and I’m sure you did a great job in class. 🙂

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Ugh! Today was an official freak-out day for me. I woke up freaked out because I couldn’t remember *anything* about forensic anthropology and I just knew I was doomed. I was freaking out all throughout the exam, babbling like an idiot in my mind. I hope I kept most of it contained! I’m still in freak-out mode, but the intensity has subsided somewhat. 😛

      • Snicker's Mom says:

        I am so sorry 😦 I’m hoping things will still turn out well, you never know. Even in freak out mode, you may have really known what you were doing. 🙂

        • ItsJSforMe says:

          I’m not too worried…I’m finding it funny now that I’ve calmed down a bit. lol The instructor told me that I couldn’t have messed up *too* badly, and even if I did royally screw up and get like a 50%, I’d still come away from the class with an A.

  4. Congrats ItsJSforMe,
    I knew you could do it!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  5. servetus says:

    What a feeling! (in the words of Irene Cara). I had a similar one when I submitted my grades! A whole summer!!!! Let’s make wonderful use of it.

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      I imagine you did! I hope to make good use of my time off – I have several projects I would like to finish this summer, including the one I just started. 😛

  6. april73 says:

    Congratulations ItsJSforMe. 🙂

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