What’s on the Cards?

Lil Guy, Lil JS and Lil Lucas came up to me the other day, complaining that they were bored. I told them there was a deck of cards on my desk that they could use.  Moments later, they were back with a stack and they wanted to know what kind of game these cards were for.  I looked at their cards and I laughed.  They found trading cards instead of playing cards!  Most of them were from World of Warcraft, but some were from Captain America: The First Avenger.  I told them the WoW cards were part of a complex game, but I was sure they could find something else to do with them.

The boys sorted the cards into two stacks.  There were only six of the Captain America cards, so they looked at them first.  Lil Lucas squinted closely at the first card. “Hmm, something’s not right here,”  he said.  ” One of these guys looks familiar.  I don’t think he is who he says he is.”

Captain America trading card #19 – Military and government officials gather to see the creation of the first Super Soldier

Lil JS pulled out another card.  “I think I’ve seen that bloke before…he sure is a snappy dresser!”

Captain America trading card # 25 – HYDRA spy Heinz Kruger shoots Dr. Erskine and steals the Super Soldier Serum

Lil Guy grabbed the third card.  “He sure knows how to have a good time!  Bet he’d be fun to hang out with.”

Captain America trading card #27 – Heinz Kruger makes his getaway

Lil Patty rolled her eyes at the boys for not recognizing that handsome face.  She nudged the fourth card away from the stack.  She looked at the picture and thought to herself that the sub might make a great bath toy…

Captain America trading card #29 – Heinz Kruger uses a submersible to make his final escape

I scooped up the last two cards before the boys could get their hands on them.  They cost a bit more than the others, and I want to make sure they stay in good condition!

Captain America costume trading card M-8 (both versions)

Captain America costume trading card M-8 (Back)

Lil JS whispered to me that he wanted to learn more about the Captain America trading cards.  I told him they could do a search on the internet, and offered the use of my laptop.  I know – that was just asking for trouble.  I made sure to warn Lil Guy that I had best *not* find any p*rn on my laptop when they were finished…or he would be the one who was finished!! Lil Lucas took control of the mouse and mumbled something to Lil Guy about know how to erase the browser history…  I gave them a stern look, but left them to carry on.  As I walked away, a blushing Lil JS implored Lil Lucas to look up the trading cards before they did anything else…

Anyway…when they came to me saying they were done with the laptop, Lil JS told me their search had led them to Me + Richard Armitage and a post by Servetus on Captain America trading cards and Armitage relics.  Definitely worth checking out!!

Having finished surfing the internet, the boys decided it was time to watch a movie and headed off to the living room.  I could hear them arguing over which one of them was taller and who would have the best chance to grab the Captain America DVD off the top shelf.  Silly boys!

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11 Responses to What’s on the Cards?

  1. servetus says:

    They must be fast readers, those Lils. Thanks so much for cooperating with me on this!

  2. Snicker's Mom says:

    I bet they googled Tom Hiddleston. 😉
    Very cute. Those boys sound like a handful!!!!!

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Tom Hiddleston? Who is this Tom Hiddleston? *vbg* Lil Guy likes Loki’s style. All that leather, ya know. 🙂

      Yes, the boys are a handful! They keep me hoppin’!!

  3. jasrangoon says:

    Those boys sure do sound like that have a good time. And Lil Lucas…erasing browser history. Who knew he was so devious? 😉

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      These boys get into all sorts of mischief! I think Lil Lucas learned his “computer skillz” in spy school. You know how those spies are…devious is his middle name!

  4. bccmee says:

    Cool tRAding cards! Lil’ Patty looks ready to take a ride in the submarine.

  5. Pingback: me + richard armitage relics « Me + Richard Armitage

  6. fitzg says:

    Brilliant! Hilarious!

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