You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Happy Birthday Richard Armitage!!  The Lils have put together a *Lil* something for you!!

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Many thanks to JasRangoon for her assistance with technical issues!!  *hugs*

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36 Responses to You Say It’s Your Birthday?

  1. fedoralady says:

    Adorable!! It looks like the guys are having a good time!!


  2. zan says:

    That is funny and just too cute! 🙂
    Happy Armitage Day, JS!


  3. agzym says:

    So adorable! That sounds like one heck of a party! Wonder what happened once the booze started pouring? 🙂


  4. bccmee says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, this was a great way to start out my celebration of Richard Armitage’s birthday! Someday it may be an international holiday. 😉


  5. april73 says:

    Very cute and so funny, thanks ItsJSforMe. 🙂

    Happy Armitage Day to everyone. 🙂


  6. ItsJSforMe says:

    Thanks April 🙂 Happy Armitage Day!


  7. servetus says:

    Love the one with Guy doing trying to do the twist!!!

    Happy Armitage Day! The best one so far!


  8. jazzbaby1 says:

    LOL, this is awesome! Great job, ItsJSForMe and the Lils…


  9. gisbornesboy says:

    This is just PERFECT!


  10. ItsJSforMe says:

    *blush* Thanks GB!!! I really got a kick out of your party cartoon. Awesome!! 😀


  11. vec170203 says:

    ♥ Happy Armitage Day ItsJSForMe and Lils! ♥


  12. Judit says:

    Guy with the microphone! LOL!! Thanks ItsJSforMe!


  13. Yeah! HERE is where the party is at! Happy Armitage day!


  14. Joanna says:

    You are a crazy girl!.:D Thanks for the laugh , I love Ya!:) Happy Armitage Day to everyone!:*
    PS: Is this Judiang’s pomeranian Patty?


  15. LOVE this! What could be more awesome than RA + The Beatles? Two of my faves! 🙂


  16. linda60 says:

    The guys love to dance? Your party sounds like a good place to be!! I’d give my right arm to hear Guy singing!!! Sigh….
    Happy Armitage Day to you all!


  17. ItsJSforMe says:

    Guy’s singing? He’s not half bad, actually!


  18. Snicker's Mom says:

    too cute!


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  20. Mezz says:

    Oh dear, I missed this! My notifications haven’t been coming through, yaay for serv’s legenda! This is great fun JS, lots of giggles at the blue frosting on Lucas’s face! 😀


  21. mersguy says:

    ROFL…..Little Guy Karaoke!


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