Playing Hooky

No, I’m not *really* playing hooky, honest!!  Classes are cancelled for today and tomorrow due to a power outage on campus.  Whatever shall I do with my time???  Write up a blog post?  Good idea!    <vbg>   I can tell you what I got accomplished this weekend!  I spent much of the weekend playing with Photoshop.  I have a love/hate relationship with that program.  I love that the creative possibilities are endless and I hate that I have so much to learn!

I wanted to make a new background for my Twitter page using my current favorite picture of Richard Armitage (did I tell you I met him?  squeeeee!) and a tornado photo.  Yes, I already made a wallpaper & a sig using those two elements, but I am obsessed.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to make the background look decent on my laptop *and* on our 22inch monitor as well.  That almost drove me over the edge!  I looked online for some guidelines, but found a lot of conflicting information.  After talking to bccmee, I came up with something I could live with.  (Thank you, bcc.  You ROCK!!)

View of my Twitter page on my laptop (a) when it first opens up and (b) after scrolling down in order to see more of the tornado  🙂

I liked the image and tornado photo so well, I made a version for my iPhone!

The lock page of my iPhone.

My Twitter page and iPhone were taken care of so I turned my attention to my Facebook cover photo.  I’d wanted to change it for a while, but wasn’t sure what to do.   The screencaps of my beloved John Standring are not high-res (and where are the promo shots from Sparkhouse, hmmm? Seriously – I need those photos!) and making wallpapers, etc can be tricky with low quality images.  I decided to try again anyway.

My new Facebook cover photo.

Not *too* bad, I guess.  Now I need a new project!!!  Any ideas?       😛

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19 Responses to Playing Hooky

  1. jasrangoon says:

    I totally get what you are saying about the love/hate relationship with PS. I’m the same way. The backgrounds all look really fab! Bravo. 🙂


    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Jas, you have a really good handle on the PS thing (yeah, I’m a bit jealous 😉 ). I’m glad you like the backgrounds. I think I’ll be okay with them for awhile. 😀


  2. bccmee says:

    Your RArtwork looks gReAt! I’m very impressed. 😀 Enthusiasm is the secret ingredient to successful photoshopping and you have plenty of it!


  3. agzym says:

    That’s lovely. I hope Richard’s been round your place for dinner as a thank you for that lovely sign 😉
    Count me in as a member of the PS love/hate group, although it’s mostly love now. My PS trial has ended and I have to wait a few days to install the proper program. Let me tell you, it’s been weird without it! It’s great for the basic pic needs, not to mention fascinating for the hard stuff.
    For now I’m using Windows Paint *sigh* It’s like riding a crappy scooter after you’ve been driving around in a BMW. Or becoming a fan of Keelan Lutz (sp?) after you’ve spent years following Richard Armitage ;(
    PE, Miss Agzy misses you terribly! Hurry home!


    • ItsJSforMe says:

      My PS trial ended some time in December, and I had to wait until the middle of February to purchase my own copy. I tried using Paint, Gimp, & an old copy of Paint Shop Pro 9 that I have and none of them were satisfactory. Like you said – a crappy scooter versus a BMW. No contest!


  4. april73 says:

    Wooow…. that’s great RArtwork ! 🙂

    I love your Iphone wall. ❤


  5. servetus says:

    You met Richard Armitage? (scratches head).

    I read accounts like this and think, uch, just too much hassle. What keeps you going with it?


  6. Snicker's Mom says:

    Great job! You are so good. How’s SR doing????? 😉


  7. ItsJSforMe says:

    SR? *shifts nervously* why are you asking about SR? lmao He’s close by….looking at me with those lovely blue eyes…. silently asking why I am neglecting him again…


  8. ItsJSforMe says:

    But…but…the eyes are so…….I could not help myself……

    and once I finish his cheek, I’m on to The Beard!!!!!! *swoon*


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  10. Judit says:

    I think your wallpapers are pretty cool! Congrats!


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