It’s been a year already???

Ohmigosh.  I started this blog one year ago today.  Amazing!  Wanna see what I’ve been working on lately?

Oh.  Here – let me clean up a bit first…. *Itsy takes a deep breath and blows the dust off her blog page*

Cough, cough.  Where was I?  Oh yeah!  It’s been awhile since my last post.  *blush*  I have ever so many  excuses reasons for that…my sociology and astronomy classes, World of Warcraft, my addiction to e-books, chatting with friends, my addiction to e-books (did I already say that??)….

My youngest had a birthday in October.  A few weeks before his birthday, he informed me that his toes stuck out the bottom of all his quilts!  Not good!  A new quilt was definitely needed!  He loves Marvel’s Super Hero Squad, so that was an obvious choice for theme.  We shopped around and ended up with 8 or 9 different fabrics.  Click any of the photos for a bigger version.

I chose to keep it simple – 88 squares of fabric.  It ended up being a decent size – it will be awhile before he grows out of it.     😉

The finished quilt measures 56″ by 77″

It won’t win any quilting awards, but his reaction was all the reward I need.

The backing is flannel, so it will keep his toes (and the rest of him) nice and cozy all night long.   🙂

Now that the quilt is done, I have to concentrate on school for a while.  Research papers, exams, presentations…all my favorite kinds of things to do (not)!!  But, they must be done. Gotta keep my grades up, ya know.  Four weeks left, then I can play.  Yippee!!!!!!

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42 Responses to It’s been a year already???

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    Wow, congratulations, Itsy! Love the quilt…you’re so talented!

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks, Jazzy! This is just a simple quilt made for fun. Maybe one of these days I’ll do a post with pix of my other quilts. Some of them are a bit more complicated. 🙂

  2. judiang says:

    Congrats, and love the quilt. 😀

  3. jasrangoon says:

    Happy blogiversary! I love the pics with him wrapped in his quilt! Momma did good. 🙂

  4. bollyknickers says:

    Happy blogiversary Itsy!

    I love the quilt – i made each of my children one when they were little (it started as a small project with scraps to keep the cat hair off the baby’s cot quilt* and grew..) and even though they are now outgrown, they are still so well loved. I particularly like the last picture of your little lad ‘asleep’. Very cute.

    *Yes, I’m a Very Bad Mother for allowing the cat anywhere near the baby’s cot. In my defence, all my children survived and the cat disliked children enough to only ever get in the cot when the baby was elsewhere….

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks bollyknickers! This boy now uses his baby quilts to swaddle his stuffed monkeys and his toddler quilts still get used in a pinch. My other kids arrange their quilts in such a way to make sure that every inch of their bodies get covered. They’ll use them until they fall apart! Hmmm. Maybe they could use some new ones for Christmas!

  5. bccmee says:

    Wow that’s a lovely colorful quilt! Lucky kid. 🙂

  6. Congrats on the blogiversary! Andyour son is one lucky dude to have a talented Mom like you! 88 squares is a lot of sewing. Cheers!

  7. Snickers' Mom says:

    Congrats on the blogiversary. I think the quilt looks nice, however I can’t for sure if your son likes it….;). Awesome job mom!

  8. phylly3 says:

    Congratulations on your first year of blogging! No need to apologize that real life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. And what can I say about that quilt except … You are the coolest mom EVER!!!

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks phylly3. Real life seems to get in the way quite often for me! lol Coolest mom ever? I don’t know about that – my teens would be more inclined to disagree, I’m sure. (Unless I gave them unlimited access to World of Warcraft – *then* they might agree!!)

  9. AgzyM says:

    Such an amazing quilt. The rumour is that your toes are sticking out from under yours too and I do believe that maybe one made of images of Armitage + other sexy British actors would keep you toasty at night 😉 Just a suggestion!

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks AgzyM. The person who started that rumour must not have heard that my toes do not have a quilt to stick out from! All the quilts that I have made, and none of them have been made for me. *sigh* Maybe I should rectify that and make the one you suggested!!!!!

  10. april73 says:

    Happy blogiversary ! 🙂

    Woow, what a great quilt, bravo ! 🙂

  11. zan says:

    Happy 1st Blogiversary!!!
    Gorgeous quilt, Itsy! Well done, especially from the look on little lad’s face! 🙂

  12. cdoart says:

    Happy Bloggiversary for you, ItsJSforMe ! All the best wishes and lots more creative ideas to come! I am looking forward to follow you further.

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thank you cdoart! I hope I have something to post soon! I have some ideas, just have to figure out how to implement them. Sometimes my imagination exceeds my abilities, but I keep trying! lol

  13. vec170203 says:

    Happy Aniversary Itsy! I wish you luck and happiness!!! — After one year, I think that you can say that you do have a blog 🙂 🙂

    PD: I love your quilt, I’ll try to “steal” your idea for my nephew, he loves Captain America and Spiderman 😉

  14. ItsJSforMe says:

    I think you’re right, vec170203 – I *do* have a blog!!! Sometimes I wonder if I should find a better name for it, but I think I’m stuck with it, Oh well! ;P

    Have fun making your nephew’s quilt – there are a lot of Spiderman fabrics out there. Lots of Batman, too, but we stayed away from the Dark Knight. My boy is strictly a Marvel fan. lol

  15. Servetus says:

    Apologies for being late the party — beautiful quilt, and congratulations on the blogiversary. I definitely think you have a blog!

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  17. saraleee says:

    I love your quilt! And your son’s delight is so heartwarming–just perfect! Happy blogiversary to you!

  18. Jonia says:

    Happy Bloggiversary! ItsJSforMe! Congratulations!

  19. Ana Cris says:

    Happy Bloggiversary, ItsJSforMe!
    Job well done with the quilt and blog!

  20. The Queen says:

    Wishing you MANY MORE!!! Congrads! (Sorry I’m so tardy but been out of town and just now catching up!!!)

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