How in Durin’s name am I supposed to wait until next year

for the second Hobbit movie??? I guess I will have to settle for many repeated viewings of the first one!

I have been offline for the past week and have no personal knowledge of any reviews at this point. I am 90% healthy now, my semester is over and I celebrated by attending the midnight showing at a local theater. I chose the HFR 3D format and have absolutely no regrets. Well, maybe one. I was so busy trying to take everything in, I forgot to blink! (Note to self: next time, blink more often!!)

I truly enjoyed the movie and the soundtrack was sublime. I am exhausted now and ready for bed. Not the most eloquent of posts, but I just had to tell somebody!!!

Many thanks to J for keeping me company via text while I waited impatiently for the movie to begin!! πŸ˜‰

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25 Responses to How in Durin’s name am I supposed to wait until next year

  1. april73 says:

    I will see the movie tomorrow in English and 3D, but I don’t know if the cinema has HFR format or not. πŸ™‚

    I will see it with 2 friends who don’t know Richard, so it will be their “first time”, lol.

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      I hope you have a great time! I’m going Saturday morning with my husband and older son. I think we’re going to the 2D version. I’ll take the teens to a 3D version later on, maybe over Christmas break. Merry Christmas to me! and them, I suppose! πŸ™‚

  2. judiang says:

    I saw it with a friend who doesn’t know him from Adam. She’s writing a review.

    • Bollyknickers says:

      I almost have to wait until next year to see the first one! 😦 it doesn’t come out until Boxing Day here in Australia.

      I will be taking as many of the bolly knickers family as I can wrangle. Mr B will definitely come- the poor man has been nearly driven to drink over the last few weeks with my RA / Hobbit obsession.

      Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait….

  3. Servetus says:

    Share the feeling that I don’t want to wait a whole year! Especially because I want to look at it closely now and don’t even have a DVD. This is a new experience for me in Armitageworld, I’ve always had pirated computer files almost instantly.

    I also found the last few hours of waiting viciously unpleasant. I am visiting a friend and she did what she could to calm me down πŸ™‚

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thank goodness for friends! πŸ˜‰ I just finished reading your analysis. Fantastic!! I have so much I want to say about the film, but I am going to wait until I see it again. There is one scene in particular I need to look for. Unfortunately, I won’t know which one it is until I hear it again. I swear I heard another chaRActer echoing in my brain. I cannot be completely certain unless I hear it a second time. Maybe I was delusional. lol Maybe I just need to get more sleep. (zzzzz…)

      • Servetus says:

        Interesting. So did I, not just one scene, but two. I have to see it again soon, but this afternoon am taking my mom to see Lincoln … Can’t wait to read more from you.

        • ItsJSforMe says:

          I just got home from taking Boy1 to see TH. Was going to go with Boy1 *and* hubby, but hubby decided he’d rather sleep in. lol So, we sprung for the IMAX 3D version (methinks I preferred the HFR, honestly). I *did* hear the chaRActer again – in two scenes for sure. He was in a third as well, but to a lesser extent.

          I need to type up my thoughts, and the boy’s too. I’d have him do his, but I think he would freak out on me. Girl is going this evening with friends. Maybe I’ll have her do a review. She’s a Super-Who-Lock-ian (Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock fan) and heaven only knows what she would come up with! It would be interesting, for sure. Hmmm. I think I’ll ask her.

          I’d like to see Lincoln, but I’m going to wait on that one. I’d like to hear what you think after seeing it. πŸ™‚

          • Servetus says:

            Can’t wait to see if your chaRActer is the same one I noticed.

            Lincoln: I cannot tell a lie (oh, wait, wrong president), it drags at the beginning. It is a lot more like a play than a movie (probably owing to scriptwriter Tony Kushner), and it doesn’t have the usual Steven Spielberg happy ending. Sections of it are pretty good and there’s a subplot that has humorous features. There are a few things in it that a historian of the period would be likely to disagree with. But it’s worth seeing.

  4. jasrangoon says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better. And hurray! The semester is over!!!! Goodbye group projects and silly classmates. I’m so excited to see the movie this evening and hope I enjoy the HFR. I feel certain that I’ll want to see it repeatedly, but I’ll just have to refrain. πŸ˜‰

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks Jas. I think I am on the mend. Three weeks is just ridiculous, is it not? This was such a crazy semester for sure! (I don’t wanna talk about group presentations and silly classmates. grrrr!)

      I’m not gonna refrain! I’m gonna see this movie over and over! *very big grin*

  5. zan says:

    So good to read that you’re feeling better! *hug* And that the semester is done! Woo-hoo!!! πŸ™‚
    I get to see it tomorrow afternoon in HFR 3D and am really excited about it.
    Thanks for sharing with us! πŸ˜€

  6. ItsJSforMe says:

    Thanks Zan! *hugs* I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the movie!!!

  7. Glad you hear that you’re on the mend. I feel your pain, being on the tail end of a month or more of bronchitis myself.

    My hubby and I saw The Hobbit movie last night in 24 fps 3D and loved it! I’ll try to write my thoughts down in my Sunday post. But I definitely want to see it in the HFR/48 fps 3D Imax format. I’ll just forgo the jiggle DBox seats. Ha!

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  9. Joanna says:

    Happy New Year to you (((ItsJSforMe)) and to your lovely family:)

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