Beauty and the Beasts


TH TDoS cap2

TH TDoS cap4


TH TDoS cap7TH TDoS cap3

TH TDoS cap6Okay, so he’s kinda pretty:

TH TDoS cap8(All caps are mine)  The trailer can be found here.

I cannot WAIT for December!!!!!

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9 Responses to Beauty and the Beasts

  1. jasrangoon says:

    Thranduil may be pretty, but those antlers definitely qualify him as a beast! 😉 Thorin is just…guh. Excuse me while I go salivate. 🙂

  2. Servetus says:

    I know, I got all excited again. That shot with him swinging his sword toward the camera from the barrel — WOW.

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      I literally squealed at that part (how embarrassing! lol Girl gave me a withering look). I tried to cap it, but I wasn’t happy with my attempts. I’ll have to try again later.

      December needs to get here ASAP!!!!

  3. zan says:

    So. Much. Excitement. *squeeeeeeee*

  4. april73 says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie. 🙂

  5. Nice caps! I so want Thorin to wipe that smug look–almost typed smaug, Freudian slip there–off ofThranduil’s face.

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