Thorin Oakeychain

So, I was surfing the other night and came across this Bilbo key chain by LEGO

Bilbo Key Chain by LEGO

and I wanted to know: where in the heck is the Thorin version!?!?  I sent an email to LEGO asking if they had any intention of making one.  When I told JasRangoon what I had done, she suggested I blog about this in case anyone else might want to do the same.

(I do have my own LEGO Thorin, but I don’t think he would take kindly to me screwing anything into the top of his head.  Knowing him, he’d use his little axe to slash at my fingers.  Ouch!  That hurts like a paper cut!!!)

LEGO Thorin

If anyone in the US *did* wish to contact LEGO, they could do so here.

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16 Responses to Thorin Oakeychain

  1. jasrangoon says:

    I tried to contact them, but there was a bloody WoW add covering up the continue button! 😦 Hopefully others won’t have the same problem.

  2. Servetus says:

    I feel like he’d need to have his weapons solvent welded into his hands.

  3. mujertropical says:

    Done! Thanks for the idea, Agzy. 🙂

  4. mujertropical says:

    Oops! I am so sorry. I know this is not Agzy’s blog. LOL. Can you tell it’s time for me to go to bed? Forgive me. 😉

  5. april73 says:

    I have received the Bilbo key chain as a gift from a friend. 🙂

    I hope that LEGO wil release the same one with Thorin. 🙂

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      What a nice friend you have!! I sincerely hope LEGO does decide to make a Thorin version. I need a new key chain, and I’d love for it to be LEGO Thorin!

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