A Little Progress

In the past week, I spent two evenings with Stitchin’ Richard.  I put in nearly 1000 stitches.  SR went from looking like this:

SR 2014.07.24

to this:

SR 2014.07.28

and finally:

SR 2014.07.29


So….a little progress!   😀

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9 Responses to A Little Progress

  1. Hi Itsy! Love your sewing project here. Thanks for the update! The image emerging is so amazingly life like and beautiful! I’m in awe of your artistry, your perseverance, and your stamina. That is one seriously complicated project. But it is a labor of love, right? Cheers! Grati ;->

  2. Servetus says:

    In that second picture, he looks a little like a computer screen with a graphics card on overload 🙂

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  4. jholland says:

    That is amazing! I’m in awe of how much it looks like a photograph… what an eye for color and shading you have. =)

    • ItsJSforMe says:

      Thanks for commenting! I cannot take credit for the color or shading….I bought the pattern on eBay. The original photo is from Project Magazine. The seller used a cross-stitch pattern making program to create the pattern. The only thing I altered is the count of the fabric. The original pattern called for 14 ct (14 stitches per inch) and I am using 25 count. I think the smaller stitch size makes it appear more detailed. 😀

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