How remiss of me

Seeing Serv’s post about my competition and the fact I haven’t posted about my Richard Armitage cross stitch project in MONTHS made me realize just how long it’s been!  Crikey!!  Thanks, Serv, for the nudge!  lol

Okay, confession time.  I have not touched Stitchin’ Richard since the middle of August.  *hangs head in shame*  I took an independent study course in Italian last fall, World of Warcraft came out with a new expansion in November, I’ve been working on an enormous afghan for my son, I’m addicted to e-books….can I come up with any more excuses??  Maybe just one….I saw a specialist who wants to do surgery to relieve me of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  All of that is true, but SR is so close to done!!  I should buckle down and Just Do It!!

But what will my next project be???  I think angsting over that decision is a major part of why I put SR in the closet.  Yes, I actually did that.  I stashed him in the closet and put him out of my mind.  I am a bad, bad fan and a bad, bad stitcher.  Someone should take away my fan card and my needle too.  (Please don’t!!!  I would be really sad.)

Sooo…..  A bit of a recap.  Last time you saw Stitchin’ Richard, he looked like this:

SR 2014.07.29

Now for the update (such as it is).  The following week, he looked like this:

SR 2014.08.08

And he still does, folks.  Roughly 2400 stitches left to go.  Two, three, maybe four days of stitching if I get serious about it (again.)  I dug him out of the closet this morning and hope to get a bunch of stitching done today.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the competition you should go check it out!!  Thorin done in sepia tones.  Yumm!!  Three days of updates so far and I cannot wait to see the next one.   🙂

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4 Responses to How remiss of me

  1. Servetus says:

    You PUT Stitchin’ Richard in the closet??!?

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