Please please oh please!

Wandering aimlessly around Barnes & Noble the other day, I came across a Funko Pop! figure display.  (I always get a kick out of those dolls – doesn’t matter what show / movie they’re from.  Yeah, I’m just a big kid at heart!)  One figure caught my eye….not because of the figure itself, but the possibility it might represent!

Funko Pop! TV Hannibal “Will Graham” 149. Apologies for my poor photo. lol

Oh, I was never so happy see a doll in a straight jacket!  Lmao! That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?  When I got home, I looked to see how many Pop! TV Hannibal figures were available.


Hannibal collection image tweeted by @BigBadToyStore

I got to thinking….hmmm…what if…???  Nah….he’s just a minor character….

Then yesterday, Zan sent me a link (thanks, Z!!) to an interview with Bryan Fuller dishing spoilers about Hannibal Season 3.  And I saw this:  “Richard Armitage’s Dolarhyde will be treated more like a third lead character than a supporting player in the season’s second chapter.”

Oooh!  I got to thinking again (a dangerous past time, I know)!!  If he’s like a lead character, do you think they might just make a Francis Dolarhyde Funko Pop! figure??

Please, please oh please, Sir/Madam Funko Pop decision maker person!!  Please let this be a thing!  I would even be happy with a doll with gnarly teeth (I’d prefer the tattoo, but I’d settle for teeth)!

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27 Responses to Please please oh please!

  1. Servetus says:

    I would totally buy one for my office. Not for my bedroom, though.

  2. Servetus says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but no Beverly Katz? No Alana Bloom?

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  4. zan, O1C says:

    LOL, Itsy! Glad to do my part to keep the brain juices flowing. 😉 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Madam/Sir Funko Pop Design Decision Maker answers your plea. Heck, I’d even splurge and get one. (Might be as close to seeing him as Dolarhyde as I’ll get.)

  5. mujertropical says:

    That would be amazing. I’d keep mine right here by my computer. Thorin will protect me! 😉

  6. MargotMat says:

    I do think they’ll make a Francis D. doll 🙂 I’m a little afraid about the teeth though. Lol
    Will is very pretty, even with a straight jacket. 😉 I like too the first one, I guess they put a gun in his hand to match Hannibal’s knife *sigh*.

  7. Hariclea says:

    i kinda like Will in a straight jacket 😉 poor thing 🙂 but yes, if there is a tattoo version of Francis i’d be on it too, as long as it is not a blood spatter version! that would be too much!

  8. snowyjo says:

    Would I put Dolarhyde in my bedroom? Probably not because I don’t have any shelves. Besides, I already have full-size cardboard cutouts of Mr. A (in his Berlin DOS attire) and Thorin, so it’s getting crowded. I’m afraid POP Funko Dolarhyde would have to join POP Funko Thorin and Smaug on top of the piano in the living room. I’d drape my red dragon Mardi Gras beads around him to make him feel special. Poor Francis is one of those few criminals who could actually claim insanity by reason of his horrible abuse as a child. Since Mr. A makes even his bad guys sympathetic (Gisborne tortured and murdered people, including Marian, and we still loved him. In Between the Sheets it turns out that Paul did have a sexual relationship with the 15-yr. old girl, and we still think he’s a cutie.). I suspect we’ll be in love with….okay maybe just sympathetic to…the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde after Mr. A brings him to life….repaired cleft palate and all.

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