Monet who? Impressionism? Wot?

I didn’t quite grow up under a rock (I grew up on a rock, well…a small island in the back of beyond..close enough) but I knew who Monet was.  He’s one of them there Impressionist fellas, yeah?  Dabs of paint on a canvas done in a hurry?  (No, I didn’t pay much attention in art class.  lol)

I didn’t look closely at any Impressionist work until I was working on completing my Richard Armitage DVD collection.  I watched The Impressionists as soon as my copy arrived. Here are some of my favorite screencaps (click to see ’em bigger):

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in The Impressionists (2006)

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in The Impressionists (2006)

RA Monet The Impressionists3

RA Monet The Impressionists2

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched it since then!  Not just for Richard Armitage and his frightening facial hair, either.  lol  I fell in love with the paintings.  Cézanne… Degas… Monet… Amazing!!

The Detroit Institute of Arts has one of my favorite Paul Cézanne paintings.  When I’m at the DIA, I always make sure to hang out with these guys for awhile.  🙂

The Three Skulls

The Three Skulls by Paul Cézanne. c. 1900 (Detroit Institute of Art)

When I was visiting a friend in New York City a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I could have quite happily spent all day in just one or two of the galleries, but that would have been rude.  Gotta admire more than just your favorites, right?

Edgar Degas.  Such a talented man!  Click on the picture below to see more details – it’s one of my better photos!   😀

Edgar Degas

L-R: The Dance Class (1874); The Little Fourteen–Year–Old Dancer (model executed ca. 1880, cast 1922); Dancers Practicing at the Barre (1877) Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art also has several paintings by Claude Monet, including my favorite.  The Manneporte (Étretat) takes my breath away.  I’d love to visit Normandy some day, just to see the view for myself.

Etretat, Normandy

Even if I don’t ever get to Normandy, I’ll have my own cross-stitched version of The Manneporte (Étretat) soon enough!  I’ve stitched five pages of my pattern now.  You can see MMMonet: Page 1 here and Page 2 here!

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6 Responses to Monet who? Impressionism? Wot?

  1. Servetus says:

    Wow — 5 pages!!!


  2. zan, O1C says:

    Looking gorgeous, Itsy! 😊


  3. Snickers' Mom says:

    Lovely screenshots! The view of the Manneporte is quite stunning! I hope you do get to see it someday.


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