Markup R-XP

Late last summer I discovered a cross stitch software that totally changed my cross stitching forever. Markup R-XP is AMAZING!!! And it works with iOS as well as Android.

I was preparing to begin a new cross stitch project because I was still frustrated with MMMonet (gah!). This one is even bigger than MMMonet: 250,000 stitches versus 162,000. Printing out 80 pages of a chart seemed a bit daunting, and my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be. Hunting down confetti stitches on a printed out page and marking them off with a highlighter sounded more like a chore than a delightful pastime.

Markup R-XP changed all that. With this software, you can upload a PDF file of your chart to your device (iPad, in my case) and assign each symbol a color to match your color key. Then, while you are stitching, say…symbol @  … you click on the @ on your chart and Markup R-XP highlights every @ on the current page!!  This way you can make sure you don’t miss any of your currently selected symbol.  Such a time saver. 

The box at the very top of the page shows you the color that matches the symbol, how many times this symbol appears on this particular page, the number of this color left to stitch, and the name assigned to the color. The fuchsia boxes highlight the chosen symbol on the page. (You can change the highlighting to any color you wish, and/or make it a solid box rather than an outline.)

This first column of this page is a listing of each floss used in the chart, followed by how many stitches completed for that floss, how many left to do, the color of the floss and its symbol.

In markup mode, once you’ve completed a single stitch, or several stitches, you simply touch the highlighted square(s) and Markup R-XP fills in the square(s) with the associated color. You can choose to have the symbol still visible or not. I usually choose to not have the completed symbols visible because I find them distracting. Plus, if they are not visible, the chart resembles the finished product more closely, in my opinion.

You can also zoom in to make it easier to read or click your finished squares!

I’ve found I can stitch much faster using this software, since I don’t have to hunt for each matching symbol.

This info page is showing MMMonet progress. It’s not accurate in terms of total time stitched, simply because I had already completed half the project before I found Markup R-XP. This, in turn, makes the average stitch time inaccurate, as well as the estimate days to completion, and estimated completion date. I’m not too worried about that information, though. I’m more interested in the marked stitches and stitches left to do. I love to see that % complete number rise!!

I bought this software last year. I already had the PDF files for the charts I wanted to upload. I believe you can take photos of charts and upload those to the program as well. And, in one of the latest updates, they’ve made it so certain cross stitch company (Artecy, Heaven and Earth Designs, Unconventional XStitch, etc.) charts will be all set up once you upload (no need to assign colors and such). Don’t quote me on that, though, as I’ve not tried it. I have my hands full already! lol

Oh geez. In looking back at this post, I realize it sounds like I’m selling something. This is not an advertisement. I just really love this software and was so happy to have found it. I didn’t even know it was a thing. I stumbled upon it accidentally. I wanted to share in hopes someone else might find it helpful.

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3 Responses to Markup R-XP

  1. Servetus says:

    It sounds like a great tool and like something that would make it easier for the ordinary mortal to complete one of these mammoth projects.

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    • ItsJSforMe says:

      It really does save time in the long run. Markup R-XP is relatively new, and they are adding new features as quickly as they can. There is another program out there that some people really like, but it does not work on iOS devices. And I love my iPad. lol


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