Hair today….

Donate tomorrow!

This weekend, I took my boys to get haircuts, and decided it was time.


Yup!  I told the stylist to whack it off!!  I’ve got a 13.5 inch long braid ready to ship off to Locks of Love.

Before n After3

It sure feels good.   😀

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Please please oh please!

Wandering aimlessly around Barnes & Noble the other day, I came across a Funko Pop! figure display.  (I always get a kick out of those dolls – doesn’t matter what show / movie they’re from.  Yeah, I’m just a big kid at heart!)  One figure caught my eye….not because of the figure itself, but the possibility it might represent!

Funko Pop! TV Hannibal “Will Graham” 149. Apologies for my poor photo. lol

Oh, I was never so happy see a doll in a straight jacket!  Lmao! That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?  When I got home, I looked to see how many Pop! TV Hannibal figures were available.


Hannibal collection image tweeted by @BigBadToyStore

I got to thinking….hmmm…what if…???  Nah….he’s just a minor character….

Then yesterday, Zan sent me a link (thanks, Z!!) to an interview with Bryan Fuller dishing spoilers about Hannibal Season 3.  And I saw this:  “Richard Armitage’s Dolarhyde will be treated more like a third lead character than a supporting player in the season’s second chapter.”

Oooh!  I got to thinking again (a dangerous past time, I know)!!  If he’s like a lead character, do you think they might just make a Francis Dolarhyde Funko Pop! figure??

Please, please oh please, Sir/Madam Funko Pop decision maker person!!  Please let this be a thing!  I would even be happy with a doll with gnarly teeth (I’d prefer the tattoo, but I’d settle for teeth)!

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It’s about time!

My days with Stitchin’ Richard are over.  I was beginning to think I might never have the chance to say it.   Yes, Stitchin’ Richard is complete.  Finished.  Done.

Here he is, folks!  Stitched, set, washed and blocked:

Stitchin’ Richard. April 12, 2015. (click to view larger image)

  • Fabric:  25 count Lugana
  • Design dimensions:  roughly 6”w x 7”h
  • Stitches:  150w x 174h (26100 stitches total)
  • Number of colors:  89

I finished him just in time to celebrate four years of RA Fever.  Happy RAnniversary to me!


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How remiss of me

Seeing Serv’s post about my competition and the fact I haven’t posted about my Richard Armitage cross stitch project in MONTHS made me realize just how long it’s been!  Crikey!!  Thanks, Serv, for the nudge!  lol

Okay, confession time.  I have not touched Stitchin’ Richard since the middle of August.  *hangs head in shame*  I took an independent study course in Italian last fall, World of Warcraft came out with a new expansion in November, I’ve been working on an enormous afghan for my son, I’m addicted to e-books….can I come up with any more excuses??  Maybe just one….I saw a specialist who wants to do surgery to relieve me of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  All of that is true, but SR is so close to done!!  I should buckle down and Just Do It!!

But what will my next project be???  I think angsting over that decision is a major part of why I put SR in the closet.  Yes, I actually did that.  I stashed him in the closet and put him out of my mind.  I am a bad, bad fan and a bad, bad stitcher.  Someone should take away my fan card and my needle too.  (Please don’t!!!  I would be really sad.)

Sooo…..  A bit of a recap.  Last time you saw Stitchin’ Richard, he looked like this:

SR 2014.07.29

Now for the update (such as it is).  The following week, he looked like this:

SR 2014.08.08

And he still does, folks.  Roughly 2400 stitches left to go.  Two, three, maybe four days of stitching if I get serious about it (again.)  I dug him out of the closet this morning and hope to get a bunch of stitching done today.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the competition you should go check it out!!  Thorin done in sepia tones.  Yumm!!  Three days of updates so far and I cannot wait to see the next one.   🙂

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How cool is that?

Both my boys put “a Nintendo 3DS” on their Christmas wish list.  Guess what they got?  Pretty cool, yeah?  They each had a list of games, and they got three games apiece.  The youngest got a game that wasn’t on his list.  How uncool is that?  Well…   lol


The game *not* included on the wish list.

Yeah, Mom may have been interested in that one.  *sheepish grin* (To be fair to Mom, the boy had pointed it out at the store; he just didn’t put it on his wish list.) The boy is really enjoying it, which is cool.

“Mom!  They’re playing music from the movie, too!  COOL!!!”

And, after accomplishing certain objectives, the game goes to cut-scenes where the little LEGO dudes actually act out parts of the movie, with voices from actual Hobbit movie footage!  (Pretty cool, in my humble opinion)

The very best part is having a 9 year old who is willing to snuggle on the couch with Mom and let her watch him play his new game.  How cool is that?  Yeah.  Pretty darn cool.

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A good day to be me!

Bday loot

All this and spending time with my family….what more could a girl wish for?

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My latest endeavor

Literacy is something I have always taken for granted. I love to read – I taught myself when I was four years old.  My husband loves to read.  I read to our babies and now that they are older all three of them love to read on their own.  One of our favorite places to go is the bookstore and we rarely come home empty handed.  We love books!!!

Not everyone looks upon reading as we do.  In our county there are 17,000 illiterate adults.  The county has a literacy program designed to help reduce that number.  They have a sign near my college campus, asking for volunteers.  Guess what I did this summer?  Yup, I finally attended an orientation session and signed up for tutoring training.

Two weeks or so ago, I received a shiny certificate proclaiming that I finished my training and I was assigned a client.  I met him today, and we will begin working together on Monday.

I’m shaking in my boots.  I hope I can help him.


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