To listen or Not to listen

that is the question!!!

I downloaded Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel (the audiobook) before dawn.  I had been eagerly awaiting its release and I finally had the chance to listen to it in its entirety.  Yet, I found myself hesitating.

There was this voice, you see…I know you don’t see, but I’m sure you can imagine it….Rich, velvety chocolate….whispering to me….

”Wait for me…you know you want to…it will be soooo good….”

Oh man!  It made me shiver!!

An image of SR appeared in my mind.  Poor SR.  So neglected….

SR 2014.01.08

Unfortunately, I have to hold off on giving SR the attention he so Richly deserves.  My husband’s niece is 40 weeks along, and I have yet to make her a gift!!!  *Itsy hangs her head in shame*

My semester is over as of last Friday, and this weekend I found a fun pattern.  I think it would be a lovely gift for a new baby.

Modern Ripple Baby Blanket (click image for link to pattern)

I’m using a cream color yarn in place of the bright white, and I like the way it looks.  I’m on row 12 out of 93.  I’d love to listen to Hamlet while crocheting, but….

*Itsy looks over her shoulder*

…SR apparently has other ideas.  I’d hate to disappoint him even further!

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Yet Another John


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Indiana Oakenshield…

grates less upon further acquaintance!  I’ve just returned from my fourth viewing of The Desolation of Smaug, and just as I had hoped, the things that I couldn’t bear to watch the first time around have gradually become more acceptable.  After seeing it the first time, I realized I had to let go of the idea that the movie was based on the book.  Lighten up, Itsy!!!

The tone of DoS is much more light-hearted than AUJ.  There is a lot more humor and they basically just cut loose.  Action-hero Indiana Oakenshield boogie-boards on molten gold, performs aerial acrobatics , balances precariously on the nose of a fire-breathing dragon, taunts him mercilessly until the dragon loses his temper and sets a forge ablaze.

Indiana Oakenshield

Yeah, once I decided not to take it so seriously, I enjoyed the heck out of this movie!

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Thorin gets screwed!

1 Arrival2 Meeting3 Other Plans 4 Uh Oh 5 Tools 6 Blush 7 Never live it down 8 Pain 9 Take it like a dwarf 10 Wager 11 Screwed

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Home from the DoS midnight show

Wow.  That’s about all I can say at this point.  Purists won’t be happy. I knew there were going to be deviations from the book, but this was way beyond anything I imagined.  I enjoyed the movie for the most part.  The last half hour was a real surprise.  I’m really glad I went, and I will be going to see it again.  Part of me wants another drink.

I went to the IMAX 3D double feature (An Unexpected Journey plus The Desolation of Smaug).  Many hours of Thorin Oakenshield!  The perfect way to end my semester.   I had two finals on Thursday before going to the movies – it was a long day!  I’ll be back with more to say about the movie after I get some sleep.

ETA:  Nope.  Cannot sleep.  Thinking about the movie.  I simply cannot believe that Peter Jackson chose to go the route he did.  What was he smoking???

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Oh, what a difference a year makes!!

Now and Then

Left: Richard Armitage at the LA premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
Right: Richard Armitage at the NY premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)


(Click to enlarge)


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It was twenty years ago today….

♫♪ Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play♪♫♪♪ ….wait!!!!  Stop the music!!!!


Twenty years ago today, I married the love of my life.   That’s right, Mr. ItsJSforMe and I have been shackled together for twenty short years and we plan to remain so for many, many more.  *very big grin*

Mr.Mrs. ItsJSforMe


That is all.  Carry on!

♪♫♪♪ It’s wonderful to be here

It’s certainly a thrill

You’re such a lovely audience

We’d like to take you home with us

We’d love to take you home… ♪♫♪♪♫♫♪


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MI6: Mission ImPortable Episode 4 – “Party Time!”


“Come on, man!  Get a move on!  The Queen sent me to find you, and it isn’t safe here.”


“There are all kinds of things out there, and you never know what you’ll run into.”


“See what I mean? ”

“The coordinates for the rendezvous point are zero-eight-dot-two-two.  That should be right…over…there.  What in the – ?”


“You made it!  We’ve been waiting for you two to arrive,”  Lil Lucas grins.

“Good to finally meet you, Porter!  And…Naboo fighter pilot, is it?”  Lil JS gives them a welcoming smile.

Mini Thorin nods majestically.  “Welcome!”

“It’s about time you got here!  The Big Guy turns 42 today so let’s get this party started.  The ice cream is beginning to melt!”  Lil Guy is impatient, and hungry.


Dig in, everyone!

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MI6: Mission ImPortable Episode 3 – “Welcome to the Jungle”


Not much sunlight in the rain-forest. Lil Porter feels something eyeing him from the shadows….

Yikes!  Time to move along....

Crikey! Time to move along….

All sorts of wildlife here in the rain-forest.

All sorts of wildlife here in the rain-forest.

This one looks like he could be eyeballing his next meal.  Wonder what it could be?

This one looks like he could be eyeballing his next meal. What it could be?

This does not look good!

This does not look good for Lil Naboo fighter!

Lil Porter quickly thumbs a new text:

Your man found.  Request means of extraction and rendezvous intel.

He receives the following:

Good work.  Make your way to coordinates zero-eight-dot-two-two.  Your party will be waiting.

<to be continued>

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MI6: Mission ImPortable Epsiode 2 – “The Road Less Traveled”


The weather is good for the start of the mission.

New terrain makes the going easier

New terrain makes the going easier.

From this vantage point, Lil Porter can see he'll make the rainforest by nightfall.

From this vantage point, Lil Porter can see he’ll make the rain-forest by nightfall.

It's been a long day but he'll be able to rest soon.

It’s been a long day but he’ll be able to rest soon.

He's made good time.  This is a good spot to rest for the night.

He’s made good time and this is a good spot to spend the night. He should be able to locate Lil Naboo fighter tomorrow.

<to be continued>

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